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Educational Linguists on Parole

Cat-calls: A four-point research agenda

Recent buzz in social media about ‘street harassment‘ (and its hilarity) motivates me to write down some on-going musings on what I suspect to be a largely un-researched and un-analyzed … Continue reading

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The Politics and Paper Trail of Translation

A few years ago I wrote about the politics of translation for a wonderful journal, Working Papers in Educational Linguistics,* also known affectionately as “Whipple.” If you take in at least some … Continue reading

October 30, 2014 · 2 Comments

Media Dictionary of SLX – Speech Acts / Speech Genres / Speech Events

Scholarly discussions of the “acts,” “genres,” and “events” that characterize speech are a hugely important area of language research (so important we named our blog after one of of these … Continue reading

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Media Dictionary of SLX – Dialogism

Many scholars and theorists have grappled with understanding how the way that we use language always depends on how other people use language. What we want to say is shaped … Continue reading

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Media Dictionary of SLX – Indexicality

The concept of indexicality is a wide ranging one, but many facets of this phenomenon are recognizable to non-specialists. One facet is the way that certain kinds of language are … Continue reading

October 28, 2014 · 2 Comments

Research Idea: French colonies & Parisian accents

A friend sent me this nugget of information about the present-day French colony Saint Pierre et Miquelon (From a fascinating article about French départements d’outremer): Saint Pierre et Miquelon, which is entirely … Continue reading

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Mozilla and Localization Efforts: The Economist’s “Cookies, caches and cows”

The Economist recently published an interesting article, “Cookies, Cache and Cows” from Bamako, Mali on Mozilla’s localization efforts for its web-browser and its (soon-to-be?) mobile operating system. I did some follow-up investigating to better understand Mozilla’s localization (also known as L10n) efforts and in particular those going on for Manding.

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Refuse and Enter

The garbage can tells you from across the lot that it really is an entrance.

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Linguistic Anthropologist Philosopher King the Immortal

Do you ever get the feeling that the ideal of the linguistic anthropologist is some kind of immortal alien who lives at the center of the Earth, observing the innumerable … Continue reading

February 19, 2014 · 1 Comment

Heteroglossia in Water Signage Among the Nnepu

If researchers start with the idea that language and culture are complex, and that linguistic practices are generally very sophisticated, we’ll do a better job understanding and investigating these things. … Continue reading

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