poeisis ex machina

Brief highlights from this cool article on a poetry slam generated by computer codes at Stanford:


“The code itself had its own synthesized voice, and its own poetics of computer code and singsong spoken word,” Wu said.



One of the contenders showed a poem that was “misread” by the computer.

“There was a bug in his poem, but more interestingly, there was the notion of a correct interpretation which is somewhat unique to computer code. Compared to human language, code generally has few interpretations or, in most cases, just one,” Wu said.


Bakhtin? Sci Fi?:

“Poems that are readable to humans¬†and¬†readable to computers perform a kind of cyborg double coding.”



“Wu’s poem incorporated a lot of different concepts, languages and tools. It had Ruby language, Japanese and English, was short, compact and elegant. It did a lot for a little code.”

One thought on “poeisis ex machina

  1. Ha! The link that was supposed to be embedded in the title got all messed up because I tried to make the title cute with html (the only computer language I speak) and the internet didn’t pick up on my irony. I will leave it as is for artistic flourish.

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