Linguistic Anthropologist Philosopher King the Immortal

Do you ever get the feeling that the ideal of the linguistic anthropologist is some kind of immortal alien?… Read More Linguistic Anthropologist Philosopher King the Immortal


Mandarin at Graduation

I’m pleased to see that my alma mater, Swarthmore College, will offer simultaneous translation of commencement today into both Spanish and Mandarin. This recognizes that families and friends of students graduating from college may be more comfortable listening to speeches in languages besides English, and will allow them to participate more fully in graduation. (The article does… Read More Mandarin at Graduation


Welcome to Speech Events. This will be an eclectic blog about language in social life. Diverse traditions in the academic world have spawned great insights about language and communication in interaction. Many ideas or understandings worth sharing don’t come in the form of a peer-reviewed paper or study, however. Here we hope to sow small… Read More Welcome!