The Media Dictionary of Sociolinguistics

The Media Dictionary of Sociolinguistics collects short, easily shareable examples of sociolinguistic theory. The Dictionary aims to be

  • a resource for teachers and students of sociolinguistics (Hey, where can I find an example of…?”)
  • a place for anyone to use sociolinguistic theory as a toy (Omg, why is Perd Hapley so funny? Maybe Dell Hymes has the answer…)

Entries are accompanied by a brief general explanation and maybe some resources for further reading. Submissions are welcome (tweet us @speechevents or email us Multiple entries on the same theme are welcome.

See current entries by browsing the tag media dictionary of sociolinguistics.


Below is a list of posts on other blogs that do similar work, whose authors have said they like the SLX-Dictionary@SpeechEvents:

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