Define and conquer

What is “language”? Here on Speech Events we’ve stated that we’re interested in what people do through language (Saussure’s parole), rather than linguistic form (Saussure’s langue, Chomsky’s grammatical competence, or universal grammar). We pay attention to what language practices do, what they mean socially, ideologically, and politically. Today I find myself asking what is “English… Read More Define and conquer

Research Idea: French colonies & Parisian accents

A friend sent me this nugget of information about the present-day French colony Saint Pierre et Miquelon (From a fascinating article about French départements d’outremer): Saint Pierre et Miquelon, which is entirely filled with French descendants, holds on to an awful lot of French things. It’s a tiny little rock in the North Atlantic, just south of… Read More Research Idea: French colonies & Parisian accents